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All the happy, creative, empowering vibe sent out during Season 1 of  ‘Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood’ Art Exhibition is coming back and is amplified. With excitement in my heart, here I am with Season 2 of the same in 2022!

Welcome to Season 2 of the mega online Art Exhibition as __ artists come together to showcase their creative energies on this unique platform under the banner of La Aartemisia Studio and Gallery, As you all have been an integral part of my journey, I, Sanjukta Arun would like to thank each one of you for your support and goodwill.

This pandemic has undoubtedly compelled us to look inward and find our chi. Art has proliferated like never before and instead of looking back and taking inspiration, people are just letting it flow. Life has changed for many and so has Art! Women, in particular, have rewired themselves to perform exceptionally well on all fronts. Their innate ability to create and weave things together has redefined their outlook and perception. New dimensions of thinking are being reflected in the works created during this period and as an artist and curator, I feel it is an honour to bring them under an umbrella and celebrate this power in the best way we can!

This ne-of-a-kind online art exhibition “Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood – Season 2” is an ode to women and aims at celebrating their huge contribution towards the upliftment of our society. The national and international artists participating in this online mega event are celebrities in their circles and have a totally unique style of their own. This exhibition will offer a new perspective and celebrate ‘Woman Power’ in all its glory. These strong and unconventional creative women will be harbingers of new ideas and love and will instill a sense of strength in each one of us on this International Women’s Day.

Women have skilfully endured everything and moved on like warriors keeping the energy factor high. Her heart and thoughts reflect in every aspect of her personality. The new-age woman can multitask, take risks, make the right choices and speak her mind out whenever needed. This massive development needs to be celebrated and every success story should result in inspirational leadership for the rest of the tribe.

Just a quick bite for those who do not know Sanjukta yet! Sanjukta is an Eminent Artist herself who has been painting, drawing, and articulating her thoughts for over 28 years. Her canvas speaks of her depth of thought. As the curator of this wonderful project under the banner of La  Aartemisia, she believes in constantly reinventing and bringing something new to the table. Tremendous response during Season 1  has compelled Sanjukta to take this journey ahead and here she is, back with Season 2.

This show will act as an artistic confluence of _ eminent women artists who hail from different walks of life across the globe.  This amalgamation of ‘Art & Womanhood’ will reflect their individual styles and prove to be an inspiration for all those who wish to voice something through their artwork. The exceptional group of Artists are up for this amazing adventure and super excited about the event. With Season 2, it is ‘Bring It On’ time for Sanjukta and her team!

This mega online event -“Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood” art exhibition will be launched virtually on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022.

Ami Patel

Ami Patel is a Visual mixmedia Artist . She attended the renowned Sir J. J. School of Art in Mumbai where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fine Art . She has had many solo and group shows nationally and internationally to her credit. She runs her own company named Kreative Artlab which specializes in metal cladding for functional art.

She is also a co-founder and owner of Kathhaa- which makes wearable handcrafted Art. Her works are inspired by nature. She uses found materials from nature as textures. Her works consists of mixmedia paintings, sculptures and installations.

Audrey Keenan

Audrey is from a family of artists her career in this field began 8 years ago. Since then she has exhibited around the world representing Scotland.

Winner of 16 International awards, Ambassador for Qatar International art Festival 2021, Designed for Italian fashion House, She is a reiki master, poet and healer. Her passion is painting ethereal angelic beings with the intention to help others recover from grief.

Dipti Desai

Dr Dipti Desai is a practising dentist with a passion for art. Her journey with colours started in the early childhood. Having no formal training she learned to experiment with different media. For her art represented freedom of mind not bound by any medium or school of thought. Starting with oils, acrylics, watercolours, she progressed to digital art. Having acquired a diploma in graphic design, she started amalgamating different media with graphic art. Then she discovered stained glass and ceramic mosaic art. Through various mentor groups and workshops, she acquired the cutting skills and equipment, essential for mosaic works. Creating stories using stained glass and mixed media added a third dimension to her art work.

Elena Tereshkova

Elena lives and creates in Krasnodar, “the city of ripe fruits and the most beautiful sunsets.” He chooses bright colors for his paintings to give the audience emotions of joy and love, and considers happiness the meaning not only of creativity, but also of life. She is equally close to abstractionism, cubism and the style of naive art. The artist’s works were exhibited in exhibition projects
in Russia, Italy, Germany, USA, Argentina, France, Spain, Pakistan, UAE, London, Perú, Ecuador, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, Philippines, Greece, Nepal, Romania, Morocco, Norway, India, Hungary, China, Venezuela, Guatemala, Switzerland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Republic of the Maldives Egypt, Panamá, Saudi Arabia,Brazil.

Gloria Keh

Gloria Keh, 69, began painting since childhood. Her late father, Martin Fu, an oil painter, was her first art teacher. She studied mandala art and symbolism at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, Australia, for over a period of 10 years and undertook a short course in art therapy at La Salle art college in Singapore. In 2008, Gloria founded Circles of Love, a non profit charity outreach program, using her art in the service to humanity.

She has participated in over 100 art exhibitions. These include Art Expo New York, Shanghai Art Fair, Affordable Art Fairs in Hong Kong and Singapore, Art Basel Red Dot Miami, Contemporary London, Paris Art Fair 2021, Tokyo International Art Fair 2021, several biennales in Italy, in yearly exhibitions and art festivals at art museums in South Korea such as the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and the Kil Hwang Chang Art Museum, at the MEAM Barcelona, the National Gallery of the Maldives, the Tainan City Government Minzhi Municipal Centre in Taiwan, and more recently in World Art Forum 2022 in Cairo, Egypt.

Ildiko Morovszki Halasz

Ildiko Morovszki Halasz is a Hugarian fine artist, who has specialised in Graphic Design from the college of Applied arts and design, Budapest, Hungary. She has held various exhibitions across the world, and has won several awards. She shares her thoughts with us.

India was an extremely important chapter of my artistic life, where my artistic career came to a decisive turning point. I came to India as a graphic designer, but under the strong influence of this colorful, marvelous culture and interesting people, I left India as a painter of Indian women.

After leaving India in 2019, I have not been able to reach for a brush for several months, with a permanent feeling that I have left all my inspirations and themes in India. I felt like a fallen leaf. It was a very critical period for me.


SAITO CECILIA KAORU is a very Renowned Artist from Tokyo, Japan.

Philosophy behind her art, she says….
It is always based on the relationship between the vibration in the mind, which is the source of human creation, and the five major elements that make up the world: sky( space ) , wind, fire, water and soil. I am interested in the relationship between emotions and creativity, the depth and delicacy of human emotions, how they affect color and shape, and the energy of the mind and body. Also, for me, the production itself is a philosophical act. In particular, it is an act of trying to reach the essence of human beings, and the essence of the universe, which is beyond the conflict between right and wrong inside.

Kusumlata Sharma

I am very close to nature. As an artist, I have created many symbolic and abstract paintings in which many forms of coursenature, according to me, are really part of human nature. Nature and humans are complementary to each other. without nature No human can be conceived. Nature is the realization of the universe. Nature means the fundamental that results from the world. The meaning of saying that the whole universe is created by nature itself.

I have done Ph.D. in Fine Arts and i am working as an Assistant Professor. I got also a recipient of reputed Senior Fellowship for the year 2017-2018 from Centre for Cultural Resource and Training, Ministry of Culture (Government of India).

Loyda Abreu

Loyda Abreu is an Acclaimed Artist from the Dominic Republic. A Lawyer and an Artist. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominic Republic. Lawyer by Profession. She graduated from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo UASD; in 1991. She studied Plastic Arts in Santo Domingo and in the City of Paris France. She has participated in more than 10 National Collective Exhibitions, and with more than 40 International Collective Exhibitions, in the Caribbean, The United States of America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Madhumita Bhattacharya

Meditating Buddha is the main theme of my Work. I try to capture the moment when The Buddha attains his Enlightenment ..when he becomes one with the Divine and becomes the Realized Soul…This Realization I have symbolically shown in the form of light of the Divine Truth in his forehead..I draw free hand and my work is purely Imaginative. Each painting which I create, I draw the inspiration from within and motivation from my dreams and thoughts…! I first visualize each painting before its creation….the actual creation takes place in my mind…then I make it a reality….on canvas.

I have a distinct style of my own..I have learnt Art through constant devotion and practice. I feel Art is the best medium to discover one’s inner self… My life just revolves around Art and through Art I have found the true meaning of my existence…I have dedicated my whole life for Art and can’t see anything beyond.

Maitreyi Nandi.

Maitreyi is a contemporary Indian artist at core who has been painting for more than 25 years in Delhi NCR. She was born and brought up in Kolkata. She studied BVA from Rabindra Bharati University, An Advanced Course from College of Visual Arts, Kolkata. She lives and works in Gurgaon. The illusion and imagination rules her mind, to which sometimes she surrenders, sometimes she denies. In her art, every element and every object is a metaphor and has a significant meaning. Visualizing these images is an awesome experience to her. Women are deeply rooted with her consciousness, perception and cognition. The celebrations of life with fantasy world merged together in her paintings. The detailing of her paintings is sensitively intricate. The traditional contemporarisation is the key of her work.

Manjiri Joshi

I am a Medical Professional but an Artist by choice. I work as a Wellness Consultant with the young energy of artists in the Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and technology. This (W)holistic approach to management of health and lifestyle comes from the training in Ayurveda and Palliative Care.
Colours fascinate me. My Encaustic work is spontaneous and process oriented. Beeswax, colours, textures and fusion with gas torch are my tools of work. My abstract work revolves around similarities between nature and humans, and their process of expressing.
Bees wax and oil paint used here is an ancient art form called Encaustic. Beeswax is worked with heat which makes it fluid, dynamic, holds solid form after cooling down. Textures on the surface and within the surface, tells a story played by the heat, wax and their chemical reactions together.

Nayanaa Kanodia

Born in Pune in an Army family, the economist turned painter, with her brilliant colours and strong individualism can be considered to be the pioneer of Naïve Art in India, a genre which was unheard of in a contemporary context. Nayanaa Kanodia was exposed to the various influences, cultures and lifestyles of the many cities where she spent her childhood. She has established a rare niche for herself in this very particular mode. The self-taught approach of Nayanaa Kanodia helped her avoid the hierarchy of labels such as a ‘high and lowbrow’.
She portrays India’s culture – past and present -which will be a visual social record for generations to come. From among artists of all the Commonwealth Countries, she was invited for a solo show to inaugurate their newly renovated complex in London, as also by Victoria and Albert Museum, London to demonstrate her painting techniques. Nayanaa’s work typifies the best characteristics of this genre – the air of whimsy, the flat bright surfaces, vibrant and dynamic colours worked with minute detail and intricate patterns.

Rebecca Dorich

I am a multidisciplinary artist. I express myself in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, poetry, and integrating languages. I studied Art in Lima, Peru, where I am from. My Alma Mater is Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, main history of art. Since I was a child my participation in graphic and visual arts workshops and projects has been constant. I have also explored craft traditions such as ceramics, textiles, bookbinding, jewelry, among others. In fine arts, my main is in printmaking at the Escuela Nacional Superior Atónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú. Motivated by the social sphere, I extended my perspective in participatory communication, art therapy, art education, and languages. In my art proposals, creating with natural materials stands out, due to the sensory qualities in favor of well-being, using resources that seek sustainability. My artworks are multiverses, where I shape emotions, often linked to epiphanies from the spiritual world. My purpose is to promote the courage to flow gracefully, both from my artworks and through community actions.

Sanjukta Barik

Sanjukta is a Mumbai based Well known Eminent Artist,  a painter, a dreamer, who cannot but yearns to create something new every moment of her life! She is an MBA  in Sales and Marketing with a Diploma in International Business. She took to her true inner calling for Art, after a short promising stint in the Corporate sector. Blessed with a keen sense of aesthetic dexterity in various skills and absolute command over the medium she uses, she has been able to carve a niche for herself in the present Contemporary Art scenario.

Sathya Gowathaman

Sathya Gowthaman is a Contemporary Realist Artist based currently based in Dubai. Although an Agricultural Engineer by qualification from Coimbatore -India , Sathya was very passionate abt Art and had a natural affinity towards Archeology from an early age.

Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India , which is known for its ancient temples and architecture, Sathya grew up in awe of the architecture of the Dravidian Temples and their beautiful sculptures. Sathya had the opportunity to learn and sharpen her skills during her decade long stay in Singapore through Western Art course in NAFA, Singapore and under the guidance of eminent Artist Gnandickam from Gnani Arts and the team of senior Artists under the Gallery. Sathya’s fascination for Temples and Sculptures built over time and coupled with her passion towards Art , turned into a drive to bring awareness on the lost sculptures of the Chola period through her series “ Sculptures on Canvas”.

Shahnaz Sultana

Shahnaz Sultana was born in a respectable family in Bangladesh. Shahnaz’s early childhood in Islamabad, Pakistan and then moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1973. She finished her Master’s degree at the university of Dhaka,Bangladesh. She was always fascinated by nature and tried to draw nature into her sketch book from a very early age. Shahnaz uses her art to explore her inner soul, trying to depict her emotions and observations through a paint brush and drawing. Her artwork exploring the innersoles of women’s unjust and struggle in modern society.
Shahnaz exhibited her work in Bangladesh and abroad. She won the Platinum Art Prize 2019,Thailand. In 2020 she got the Best Entry Award for an International Art Exhibition on Covid -19, from the Indian Royal Academy of Art and Culture, India. She is devoted her time to create artwork that explores her inner soul and creates a platform where others can see her creative notion beyond the surface of her canvas. Her work focuses on reflecting the painful journey of struggling women around the world. Shahnaz’s main media are drawing on paper, watercolour and acrylic on canvas.

Sneh Mohan

Sneh Mohan is a Delhi based, Eminent Artist, Poet and sculptor. She has been the Vice Chairman of the UP state Lalit Kala Academy, and Ex member, Execytive and General councils, UP state Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow. She has held several shows in India and across the globe. She has been a part of several art camps and has won many awards. She is also a published poet.

Sumitra Alhawat

Sumitra Alhawat is a Delhi based Visual artist. Her aim is To gain self-esteem and achieve self-realisation by exploring myself through art. My Educational and professional qualification:
•5 years Diploma in Fine Art from Govt school of art Aurangabad Maharashtra
in 1980.
•Fellowship holder at the same Govt. School of Art Aurangabad (for one year). I like to do sketches/drawings, Portrait painting. Figurative work, Still life.
•I work in pen-pencil, charcoal, acrylic, water colour and oil colour medium.

Vidya Vivek

Vidya is an experimental artist. She works primarily with oil paints and acrylics and more recently charcoals and inks. From geometric drawings with rigid frameworks, semi-realistic figurative works, to landscapes – the range of styles and subjects Vidya has worked on is wide. In 2020, she started The Dublin Desi Artists Collective – a platform to showcase works of Indian artists residing in Dublin. The collective has successfully hosted events – exhibitions and workshops for its members and continues to do so.
ARTIST STATEMENT – My artworks are a reflection of the people, cultures and surroundings I am a part of – over the years they have evolved and reflect my thoughts as I see them. My recent works are figurative with particular focus on women – their mannerisms and beauty. I see a lot of similarities between women and nature – both are beautiful, vulnerable, giving, tolerant and exploited.
Vidya Vivek is was born in the year 1981 in Ooty, India. She now resides in Dublin, Republic of Ireland since 2018. A qualified Civil Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration, she took to painting full-time after a brief stint in the Corporate world.

Vimmie Manoj

Artist Dr. Vimmie Manoj is a Painter, Academician, Poet, and Sculpture. Her qualification includes a Masters in Arts, Ph.D. in English Literature and M.B.A. in HR, Certificate courses in Sources of Heritage: Paintings and Textiles & Epigraphy.
Passionate about creative works like driftwood sculpture, paintings and poetry, she has a deep interest in research and many of her research papers are published in books and journals. She likes to experiment in various forms, styles, color schemes and textures. She has participated in more than 55 National and International Group and 7 solo shows globally. She has been invited for Lecture Series and has attended residency at 52nd International Colony of Artists of Hajdu Region, Hajduboszermeny, Hungary in July 2015. She is a coordinator of the Jaipur Art Summit and has curated Lalit Kala Akademi Art Camp. She was invited to exhibit at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. She has been Included in Artists of India, Modern & Contemporary Art, 2018, 2021.

Vipta Kapadia

Vipta Kapadia is a Well known Eminent Artist based in Mumbai. Abstraction is her fortay. She creates magic with her deft hands on her Canvases.
Here Vipta speaks to us through her beautiful abstracts that leaves the viers in awe.