Synergy Of Art Across Borders

Art is a tool to express emotions, feelings, thoughts, art is also used as a cultural tool, it helps to humanize and interpret emotions, grievances, happiness, of those who are unable to voice it otherwise.

Art is an Illustrative tool and helps to spread positivity in these testing times India is a storehouse of Art and culture and can proudly speak of their world acclaimed Art and Artists. There are many Art and culture centers and museums in India. Similarly Art prevails in Russia to a great level. Some of the most renowned museums are located in Moscow and St Petersburg. In, Moscow, The Pushkin Fine Arts museum houses treasures of western European Art. While the Tretyakov Gallery has a strong collection of Russian Art. Russia is famous for its artists. They have made a huge contribution to world art. Among the participants there are honored artists of Russia , curators and masters.

La Aartemisia Studio and Gallery is proud to present a confluence of Indian and Russian Art and Culture, Bringing together the Artistic expressions of Acclaimed and Eminent Artists of India and Russia, in the show titled SYNERGY OF ART ACROSS BORDERS which will stream from 5th February 2022 to 19th February 2022.