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Sanjukta Barik

Sanjukta Barik


Sanjukta is a Mumbai based Well known Eminent Artist,  a painter, a dreamer, who cannot but yearns to create something new every moment of her life! She is an MBA  in Sales and Marketing with a Diploma in International Business. She took to her true inner calling for Art, after a short promising stint in the Corporate sector.

About La Aartemisia

La Aartemisia was founded in the year 2002, by Sanjukta Arun, A well known and Acclaimed Contemporary Artist, as an Art and Design studio.

The name Aartemisia is derived from the name of the most revered Greek Goddess Artemis. She is Goddess of Nature, Moon, hunt and Birth. And Sanjukta feels  Art symbolized all of these. Thus La Aartemisia was born.

Every new art creation is a form of birth. Art is also akin to nature as it mimics nature by visually replicating the same in varied forms on to the canvas and has always been linked to human concepts. Nature can simply be added on to a painting to create magical depth and perspective.

Moon too can be related to Art as it conveys calmness beauty, power, fertility and change. She represents the female being.

Over the years, The Artworks born in La Aartemisia studio have found their loving homes across the world, where they are cherished by their owners.

La Aartemisia, grew to be renamed as La Aartemisia (Studio and Gallery). And has earned a name of Repute, over time.

It is a platform to propagate and promote Eminent and Emerging Artists from across the globe. It is a meeting point to Celebrate Art and their Creators.

It is La Aartemisias endeavor to bring together Art lovers, Art connoisseurs, Art collectors, buyers and Artists under one roof.

The Founder, Director of La Aartemisia, Sanjukta Arun feels that Art and Artistic expression cannot be confined to any boundaries, its reach is vast and boundless. Creativity has its wings and is meant to soar the skies.

At La Aartemisia the motto goes as “ I believe I can fly and I believe I can touch the sky”

La Aartemisia enjoys the Confidence of both Artists and Art lovers. And it is very important for both to be in synch, for future growth and prosperity.