The Shades Of Womanhood By Tasneem Nasrulla

The Shades Of Womanhood By Tasneem Nasrulla


At what age did she wear the crown of womanhood?

I guess it was at a tender age with the arising of the menstrual cycle mood.

Her heart from many a young boys in those teenage days fluttered;

But finally stuck to one lover , everyone muttered.

Soon womanhood went into the beautiful attire of a bride , a lover;

Her innocence gently took a hidden cover.

Romance as beautiful as a peacock dancing in the rain made a headway in her life;

Kisses and hugs and much more made her a stunning sexy wife.

She carried her duties of cooking and caring all right;

Occasionally she would douse into a fire of fight.

Soon the woman sat on God’s favourite throne;

The mother to be everyone congratulated her on the phone.

Carrying for nine months the bump in her stomach with great pride;

Her trim & proper figure did vanish by the side.

Soon the woman in her cried & screamed with pain;

All her energy must have had a drain.

Soon all the frantic moments were forgotten with the baby making her way;

With a tired smile on her face exhausted she lay.

The woman in her now danced to the tunes of the little one;

She needed loads of patience for this kind of fun.

The beautiful strong mother and child bond;

How very much for each other were they fond.

Then at a certain point she had to face the gusty winds of a storm by an intruder in the dark nights;

She bitterly wept but fought for her rights.

She forgave her lover and their relationship grew stronger;

Now it was for compassion that would hold them for longer.

Years flew by and her daughter was another woman in her life now;

And her aged mother passed away , the first woman she used to often bow.

The woman was seen with the salt and pepper look hair. Reading glasses & knew it was mid way;

She dreaded for her menopause to come and stay.

Time had gone by fast and she had many unfulfilled dreams;

She now wanted to attain many a thing in a short time it seems.

As she crossed the road of life this age;

She wondered what it would be to become old as a sage.

How will I look?Walking stick,dentures,hearing aid;

Will my medical bills,be,easily paid?

Will I have someone by my side?

Or hope,not shamefully tears I have to,hide?

And at this juncture she heard a whisper;

Soon the voice became more crisper.

“You have been a terrifically strong woman all these long years;

Why are you drowning your happiness in false fears?

Let every dawn be a beginning of your new day;

Live it to your best on this earth’s stay.